Temptation Comes With Power

Temptation Comes With Power
If you could heal blind eyes in just one out of ten attempts, you would gather
crowds of hundreds of thousands of people anywhere in the world on twentyfour-
hour notice. If you could heal ten out of ten as Jesus did, you would be
the most powerful person in the nation. Remember, they tried to make Jesus
king because He healed the sick and multiplied the fish and the loaves. The
release of supernatural ministry with overt demonstrations of power puts a
lot of attention on the people God uses.
Because genuine miracles are so unique, when they are openly displayed,
the nations will come to receive them. The rich, famous, and powerful people
on Earth will do just about anything to be a part of genuine miracles from
God. There are a lot of millionaires in the world, but how many people can
raise the dead as the prophet Elijah did? A prophet of the stature similar to
those in the Old Testament would face incredible temptations because so
many rich and powerful people would seek their favor.
This is why it is important for those with a gift of prophecy to remain