Seeking God’s face and His hand

Seeking God’s face and His hand
The second accusation that people contending for the fullness of God’s
prophetic anointing face is characterized by a familiar saying that seems to be
growing more popular today that goes something like, “We should seek only
God’s face, but not His hand.” Seeking His face generally refers to seeking
intimacy with God, while seeking His hand refers to the blessings He has for
us, including the release of His power in ministry. This saying sounds great,
but it is not biblical. The Scriptures never instruct us to put intimacy with
God in an adversarial relationship with God’s power in ministry. Instead,
they are active partners not opposed to one another. We seek God’s power,
including the gift of prophecy, to set people free so that they also might
experience intimacy with Jesus.
The only truth within that phrase is that seeking God’s face should be
the priority and seeking power in ministry should be second, but we should
resist any idea that contending for and seeking God’s power is wrong. While
it certainly is wrong to seek power as a higher priority than intimacy (Acts
8:18–22), it is likewise wrong to neglect seeking power at all. The apostle Paul
clearly exhorted us to “earnestly desire the best gifts” (1 Cor. 12:31).