Jan 22, 2:05 PMWhen Jesus died and ascended to Heaven, The Plan of God ( Covenant for deliverance, redemption, remission of sins and salvation of consenters) which was established through and in Christ Jesus (Oath of God, the Word) since before the foundations were laid came to its fullness, for so the Record was completed within Himself.

Jesus Christ is the Sabathman in Who is our rest through the Propitiation (our benefit) of His Blood, which is contained within the Covenant refuge by which the Mercy of God is learned through Grace and Suffering.

Jesus Christ came to fulfill that which was In part, temporary and only pointed to Him, within Himself by His death and resurrection. So that we walk not after the law anymore but embrace the Law of Grace and Truth by which we partake of the Fullness of Christ for rebirth of the New Man, for He is our portion as we are His Portion.

Praise God.