different thing nowadays. They're just off their rockers. He's still concerned about saving people. They just left the fundamental truths of the doctrine of the Word of God and went off on something that doesn't amount to a hill of beans.
Some things are actually poisonous in themselves. And some things it doesn't make a whole lot of difference how you believe on them—they are simply not essential to salvation and it wouldn't make any difference whether you believed it, or you didn't believe it.
But too many times Christian people will feed on everything in the world except the right thing, and will become poisoned. Then they lead disciples off after themselves. If the Spirit of God is in it, He is concerned about there being unity. Did you notice Ephesians 4:13 says, "Till we all come in the unity of the faith"? That which will divide Christians is not of the Spirit of God—it's of the devil. The Spirit of Love never divides.
I went into a Christian home once and saw some books I knew to be poisonous lying on a living room table. They were religious books, but they were poisonous. (We need not only be careful about secular books, but we need to be careful about reading religious books.) I purposely worked the conversation around to these books. I picked one up and saidsomething about it.
This person was a born-again, Spirit-filled Christian but they said "Oh that is the most marvelous book."
"Is it?" I said.
In the early days of my Christian experience I had happened to get hold of some of these books and had detected immediately the poison in them. So I just turned to certain pages and began to read certain things aloud.
"Well now, Brother Hagin, they give chapter and verse in there. I looked some of them up and those verses are in the Bible."
I said, "Certainly. If they didn't give some verses—though they may take them out of their setting—and a little Bible, folks wouldn't read it. If you were going to poison a dog he wouldn't eat just the poison. You have to put the poison on a good piece of meat."
Do you see what I'm talking about? You have to put the poison on a good piece of meat to get a dog to come. The devil will use some good scripture to get you to eat it, but he'll put a little poison on it. Be careful no matter who you read after. Don't read everything you can get your hands on. Unless you are a fully mature Christian and able to rightly divide it, it would be best not to read such things.Years ago I held a meeting for a Full Gospel minister, a very well educated man, a doctor of divinity. Up to that time I had never seen a larger personal library than his. There's no telling how many hundreds of volumes lined the walls from ceiling to floor. Being a bookworm myself I was interested in looking it over. I read some of his books while I was there in three weeks of meetings.
As we talked one day he said, "Brother Hagin, I'll be perfectly honest with you. There are some things I've read that I wish I'd never read. They bother me. They hinder me yet, though I don't read them anymore..." And he mentioned some of these books. They were religious books. But he said, "I just wish I had never read them. It hinders my faith today. It hinders me in believing God today."
It would have been better for him never to have built that into his inner consciousness. But he had.
When I start reading something that takes faith out of me instead of putting faith in me, I have enough sense to lay it down right then. Be careful what you feed upon. There is a saying used in the area of man's natural diet, "You are what you eat." The same thing is true spiritually, "You are what you read."Babies are easily spoiled. And when they become spoiled they become irritable. It's mighty easy to spoil them to a light so that you have to keep a light on. It's mighty easy to spoil them to being handled and held. They are babies.
But the Bible says something about babies growing up. David said, "Surely I have behaved and quieted myself, as a child that is weaned of his mother: my soul is even as a weaned child" (Psalm 131:2). The Bible says concerning Isaac, "And the child grew, and was weaned: and Abraham made a great feast the same day that Isaac was weaned" (Genesis 21:8).
That ought to be a great day—that day when Christians grow enough to get off the bottle. But you know, it isn't. It ought to be a feast day; instead it's a cry day. I know, I pastored nearly twelve years. It's no wonder to me at all that we're not doing more in some of our churches than we are. If we do get a newborn babe in we don't have a bottle for it. Every bottle is in use. And the older babies are not going to give up their bottles. Every bed in the spiritual nursery is taken. And the older babies don't want to get up and give up their beds.
In the last church I pastored there were two ladies who lived next door to each other. Bless their hearts. They had been saved I don't know how long, baptized with the Holy Spirit and speaking with tongues. Butthat doesn't make you a full grown Christian. They were the biggest babies in the world. You'd have to run after them, and run after them, and run after them. They wanted you to come and pet them. They would miss church Sunday for you to come over on Monday and pet them.
So I just quit.
When one of the deacons said something to me about it I said, "Brother, if you want to go over and visit them, you go. But I'm never going over there again. The longest day I live, or the longest day I pastor this church, I will never set foot inside their houses again. I'm tired of wasting my time with them. They are babies who want to stay babies. There are other people who can be helped. There are new people to be visited. And others are getting saved who can be taught."
You couldn't have taught those old babies anything. So I quit visiting them and never set foot inside their houses the eighteen months I continued to pastor that church. But do you know what? When they saw I wasn't coming again I believe they were more faithful to church than they'd ever been.
We ought to grow enough spiritually so that instead of someone's having to come and visit us, and pump us up, and prop us up, and pray with us, and feed us, we are able to be out helping others ourselves. Whenweaning time comes we ought to thank God for it.
Actually, if a child is weaned properly, when weaning time comes it will turn its face from the bottle. If it isn't, you have a cry on your hands. If you can just keep people on the milk, they will grow. Peter said, "Desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby."
I have actually had pastors say to me, in trying to tell me I was giving their congregation a little too much, "Now Brother Hagin, I know my congregation should be better than they are, but you have to be careful. All they can take is a little milk. All I ever feed them is a little milk."
I said, "No, you haven't even given them milk. You've been pastor here thirty years. If they had been getting milk they would have grown. Peter said that we would grow thereby."
They didn't grow; so they weren't even getting milk. They were just getting bluejohn. Bluejohn is milk with all the cream taken out.
Babies are easily frustrated, easily distracted, easily hurt. The Lord wants to bring us to the place where we're not so easily frustrated. He wants to bring us to the place where we're not so easily distracted. He wants to bring us to the place where we're not so easily hurt.