You made love to your wife last night and left
her the next morning without looking back.
You are in search for the greener pasture. You
left her all alone for 9 months But your wife
got pregnant that night.
And for the next 9 months she was all alone, in
the cold, She first noticed her body changing,
and then the doctor said she is pregnant, the
news gave her joy but with sadness filled her
heart as she was longing to sleep in your arms.
She wants you to be there when your baby
start kicking inside her belly. But all she got
was your voice on the phone.
So many times she cried, she could not
prepare her meals, sometimes she will sleep all
day with body pains as the symptoms took
hold of her. and sometimes she will vomit
through out the night.
She will wake up weak and exhausted
She will force herself to cook but after cooking
she won't feel like eating anymore. All she
needed was you to be by her side, to make her
smile, to rub her belly and listen to her when
she talks about how she is feeling. To take her
out, to walk with her and keep her bed warm.
After going through the pains of post-mother
hood. On that fateful day, at the hospital, in
the labour room, all she could say was your
name. due to the pains, and sadness,
something went wrong, she died with the
baby. You are to be blame.
LESSON: Always take care of your woman
especially when she is pregnant. Care and
protect our pregnant women for they are in
control of the future.
PRAYER: To all pregnant women out there, you
will not die on the day of bountiful joy, she
will live to raise your child in happiness and
good health. IN JESUS Name. Type Amen and

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